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Female-to-female intimate transmission of HIV

Female-to-female intimate transmission of HIV

Key points

  • The risk of female-to-female intimate transmission is excessively unusual, with just a few reported situations.
  • HIV-positive ladies who identify as lesbian could have obtained HIV through inserting medication usage or intercourse with males.
  • Transmission is achievable through sharing of adult sex toys and contact with bloodstream during intercourse.

When contemplating the matter of female-to-female intimate transmission it’s essential to draw a distinction involving the threat of transmission by this path and diagnoses of HIV illness in females whom identify as lesbian. There has been only six reported instances of woman-to-woman transmission that is sexual and these reports should be seen with similar care as every other instance reports of transmission through oral sex (cunnilingus).

Within the very early many years of the epidemic, investigations associated with way to obtain disease in United States ladies failed to determine any full instances of female-to-female transmission. Weiterlesen